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Canada’s level of imports from developing nations has increased 70% from 1999 to 2004. Imports from LDCs, although still very modest, have more than tripled in the same time period. While the majority of these imports (from LDCs) are in commodities such as crude oil, aluminum ore and rubber, consumer goods are occupying an increasing volume involving items such as textiles, apparel, food products, tableware, kitchenware, headwear, carpets, electrical and electronic equipment, sporting goods and jewellery.

TFO Canada`s primary commitment is to assisting exporters in developing and transition economy countries in their endeavors to gain access to new markets such as Canada. A key part of this assistance is the publication of export offers from qualified companies (*) to TFO Canada -registered importers via our “Import Info e-Newsletter”.

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TFO Canada provides services to exporters from developing transition economy countries according to Global Affairs Canada’s list of “Countries and territories eligible for Canadian development assistance”. Forty-eight of these countries are officially considered Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and receive LDCT (LDC Tariff) Treatment.

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If you are new to international trade and have no experience in importing into Canada from abroad, this guide provides you with excellent background information to get you to think about how to organize your import activities and to help you put a plan together. You may be Canadian, or you may have recently emigrated to Canada and feel there are opportunities to exploit, especially when it comes to products you know from having lived in your country of origin, and that you feel would have a niche in the Canadian marketplace. If so, this guide may provide you with valuable information.

Information in the guide:

  • Importing from Developing Countries
  • Regulations
  • Tools and Resources for Importing
  • TFO Canada Activities in Support if Canadian Importers

Download – A Practical Guide for New SME Importers


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